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What is Dungeon Master?

Dungeon Master is a hybrid of scripted theater and improvisation performed on a stage using actors as the background…and starring you as one of the main characters! Every show, a 6-person party of adventurous audience members is chosen from a list of voluntarily submitted names before the play begins. Your characters are guided from scene to scene in an episode solving puzzles, casting magic spells and outwitting (or out fighting) epic monsters. Although each show’s original episode is scripted and rehearsed, once the audience members are involved…anything can happen. Every show is a masquerade! Costumes are appreciated, but not required.

The Cast

Noxweiler Berf

Is a classically trained trash puppeteer.  He has traveled the world seeking the ancient secrets of duct tape, cardboard and the perfect cup of Earl Grey. (Not tea, funereal ashes in hot water.) It has been a long road, longer than expected. But still, it has been a road.  (See annotations for further explanations and alleviations.) Now, dear friends, the long road has led here to The Center for Philanthropic Arts.  Armed only with a dream of dragons and a pile of garbage, the man known only as Noxweiler Berf seeks to make art or dance.  Or both.

Jonathan Harrison

Jonathan Harrison Co-produced and Narrated Evensong, A Vampire Rock Opera atThe Jewel Box Theatre. He has acted in all of Josh Eisenstadt’s independent films fromSpector’s Rock, Red Lightning to his latest Spreading Darkness. He is a Producer, Tech. Director and ensemble cast member of Dungeon Master. Is a member of Towne Street Theatre where he acts, writes sketch and poetry and does sound.

Micheal Tocci

Michael Tocci graduated from Emerson College with a BA in Film.  He has dabbled in film and stage, performance, directing, writing, and crew... essentially a jack of all trades and king of none.  Tocci, as he is called, studied improv at Monkey Butler and UCB and performed with a short form team, The Sauce.  He can be seen in the first couple minutes of Community as an orange-polo-wearing continuity error.  His favorite of his theater roles are Giles Corey in The Crucible and Tommy Boatwright in The Normal Heart.  His favorite of his Dungeon Mastercharacters are Oscar the Slouch, Lysander the Poet, and Diego.  He is also a freelance photographer for The Daily Bugle.

Tara is so excited to be a part of the Dungeon Master team! University trained in Georgia, Tara has played varying roles from The Witch in “Into the Woods” to Ophelia in "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead." You can currently find her playing lead in an episode of "My Crazy Ex" on Lifetime and as an eccentric fairy on Youtube RED series, “Escape the Night 2." Additionally she co wrote and sang the main feature song of the biggest costume masquerade in L.A., The Labyrinth of Jareth! Tara loves to make cosplay costumes and sing Disney and Celine Dion really loud in her car. Like really loud. For the future she looks forward to playing alongside Sam Hueghan in “Outlander” and working on anything with Rachel Bloom.

Tara Parker 

Cary Kingdom

(@carykingdom) is a writer based out of Los Angeles. He’s written over twenty episodes of Dungeon Master, and has designed games for theater, RPGs and television, including the stage show “Adventure!” and TBS’s “King of the Nerds.” He’s currently consulting on the upcoming RPG “Scion” from Onyx Path Publishing, and you can see him as a frequent guest on the Twitch channel “eatenbypotchky”. His name is not made up.

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