The Rules


IF you are chosen as an adventurer, you will become a member of a PARTY. This PARTY will be

presented with a QUEST or PROBLEM to solve. You will also be provided with a GUIDE who will assist in identifying the many perils you will face. The Gods will also be there to determine what happens to the PARTY during their adventure.



The entire PARTY will be empowered to use 10 SPELLS.


To throw a spell, you must think of a RHYME that accomplishes what you want to do and word it as a SHORT COUPLET, speak in a CLEAR LOAD VOICE and USE GRAND GESTURES.


For example if you wanted to create a light, you could say:

“The darkness here it holds no might, to us now I summon Light.”


Each SPELL, or version of that spell, may be used only ONCE. We can’t have you throwing a

"Light", then a "Make it Brighter", then a "Reverse Darkness" spell now can we?

It is very hard during the ‘heat of combat’, to see who is throwing a spell

AND to hear what it is they are trying to do. Use grand gestures (big arm movements) and a loud

voice to ensure your spell goes off the way you want it to. 


Spells thrown at the same time cancel out.

This means that if two characters start waving their arms and overlap each

other during casting, neither spell will work and the Party will lose ONE spell.

Spells interrupted by Combat will also be canceled out.

So if you are attacked my one of my minions your spell will not work and the party will lose ONE spell.


NOTE: If you throw a spell while in combat you must move in SLOW MOTION.



You are encouraged to bring along your own weaponry and exotic adventure wear. 

Just remember that any weapons must be made of foam and approved by the staff before allowed into play.


Also remember, you will be provided with a GUIDE to help you identify the many perils you will face, But they are only there to guide, so every riddle, trap, fight or choice is up to you to solve, disarm, defeat or make.


Blows that are not in SLOW MOTION will be ineffectual. Repeated slow motion

violations will cause you to be REMOVED FROM THE GAME.


If you are told you are WOUNDED or DEAD by my pets or by The Gods in the heavens…it means just that. So try to role-play your characters by acting hurt and dying heroically. There is no shame in dying or being left behind. A well crafted spell can easily heal you … and even bring back the dead.



Your TREASURES (if you find any) are yours to keep. That said, you are not allowed to take clothing off of my denizens or to touch or move set pieces without the permission of The Guide or my minions.


Remember, many choices will be offered to you along your journey and it is up to the PARTY  to work together and decide the correct path to follow.


You are free to do what you will, but be prepared for the consequences of any actions you take.


Any flagrant violations of these rules will cause the offending player to be removed from the game.